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Punching Wheels

Introducing the Pickardt standard Punching wheels, these compact and portable tools offer the perfect solution for indent marking single characters, all while you're away from the workbench. Ideal for inspection marking, these lightweight and compact wheels conveniently fit into your pocket or toolbox, providing you with the flexibility you need on the go.

Each wheel set is intelligently designed with a full set of numbers 0-9 on one wheel, and a comprehensive 3-wheel set for A-Z characters, making these standard sizes 'off the shelf' from 2mm to 10mm readily accessible for your marking needs.

These Punching wheels are thoughtfully engraved with tell-tale characters, guiding you precisely where to strike with the hammer for a specific character, ensuring your markings are consistently clear and accurate. Plus, their nickel-plated finish adds an extra layer of durability, resisting rust and ensuring a long-lasting, reliable tool for your projects.

Upgrade your marking precision with the Pickardt standard Punching wheels, the portable solution that delivers professional results, no matter where you are. Elevate your craftsmanship and invest in quality. Order your Punching wheels today and experience the convenience and accuracy they bring to your marking tasks!

  • Image of a person holding a steel striking wheel in their right hand while their left hand holds a hammer, demonstrating the manual marking process using a striking wheel.
    Close-up image of a high-quality striking wheel with engraved numbers and letters for precise and consistent marking.
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