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Pickardt NHH 100 Numbering Head with Striking Cap

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Numbering Head with striking cap NHH 100

Looking for a reliable and durable numbering head for your marking needs? Look no further than the Pickardt Numbering Head with striking cap NHH 100. Our high-performance steel numbering head is perfect for those requiring precise and consistent numbering on a variety of materials.


The solid construction of the NHH 100 is designed to withstand high impact and loads, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The replaceable impact cap with integral hand guard ensures safe and comfortable manual marking with a hammer.

The numbering head comes with standard character sizes of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm and 8 wheels as standard (6 wheels by sizes 8 mm and 10 mm). Each wheel is engraved with 0 - 9 and a spacer for non-marking positions, providing you with versatility and precision in your numbering.

The wheels are made of high-quality material (1.2842 HRC 60 +-1) and chemically nickel-plated for added durability and longevity. The NHH 100 also features a visual engraving for easy checking.

Invest in the best with the Pickardt Numbering Head with striking cap NHH 100. Order now and take your marking to the next level with this MADE IN GERMANY product!


Numbering Heads are used to mark anything from Aluminum to Stainless Steel, certain leathers, plastics and sometimes wood, with numbers, letters or symbols.

Pickardt unique design is the striking cap with integrated hand protection for safety in use allowing for a confident strike of the hammer to ensure all digits are clearly marked

DATA SHEET for 8 mm

DATA SHEET for 10mm